Our Story

It all began years ago when Harold and Delores brought the family (Curt and Delora)
to Butte Falls, Oregon in 1965. This small town that has a population of 400 is known for its
“land of pure water, pure air, sunshine and health.”
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The Source

Cascade Mountain Spring Water was fortunate to gain access to Ginger Springs, which is a product of one of the world’s finest natural water resources. The spring is located at the base of Mt. McLoughlin in the Southern Cascade Mountain Range of Oregon. This pristine mountain spring is well known for its high quality water, which begins life as rain and snowmelt that penetrates into the Earth’s surface. The water is then naturally filtered by volcanic rock absorbing high quality minerals resulting in a clean refreshing taste that is a perfect balanced pH (pHerfect).

The Bottle

Influenced by the historic town of Butte Falls, our team designed the bottle to portray an antique appeal. We creatively designed an elegant bottle with an embossed transparent identity thus no paper was unjustly used. The bottle is made from high quality glass so no harmful particles can leach into the water and always remember that glass can be recycled endlessly; leaving no carbon footprint.

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Our Outlook: Our team began this venture with one goal in mind; saving the environment. That is the number one reason we chose glass. Our mission is to provide quality drinking water in a product that doesn’t leach harmful compounds into the water and doesn’t harm the earth. Please join our team and help save our earth by recycling our product a your nearest recycle center.

“It’s a win-win; great tasting high quality water while saving our planet.”

Thank you for recycling our product.

– The Cascade Mountain Spring Water Team

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