2016 Telluride Wine Festival Sponsorship

Cascade Mountain Spring Water is a proud sponsor of the Telluride Wine Festival for the 3rd year in a row after having been a sponsor for the 2014 and 2015 festivals. To get a better insight about Telluride, please read below:

The Telluride Wine Festival is a giving organization that holds events to promote Telluride as a culinary destination, supporting the overall health, character and vitality of its community. The mission of the Telluride Wine Festival is to stimulate the local economy, educate our attendees and donate a large portion of event proceeds to support the Telluride region’s food-producing community. We plan to provide grants to local entrepreneurs producing food in new and sustainable ways as well as offering education for children in the Culinary Arts. In addition, through the Monica Callard Foundation, we work to give scholarships to talented Telluride residents who would greatly benefit themselves and the community through wine and/or culinary education. Our long-term goal is to create a community kitchen to be used for cooking classes and to provide a low-cost production facility for local entrepreneurs to create their food-based products.

This year’s festival takes place June 23-26, 2016.  There, you can find our elegant glass bottles compliment the table decor throughout the festival.

Join the fun and support our brand by drinking Cascade Mountain Spring Water!

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